Canada based Programmer

Born to be the Best PHP coder @ Jatin Saini

With in-depth Canadian Industry Experience

Utilizing the best possible problem solving techniques to develop web programs

PHP Programmer in Canada
PHP Programmer in Canada

Best Programmer & PHP Coder

  • More than 20 Years of Web Programming
  • Canadian / North American Experience
  • Highly good at best approach selection
  • Coding complex programs for any environment
  • Eye for perfection / top quality
  • “Everything is possible” attitude
  • Logical code testing to minimize time required
  • Have handled 100s of API and can code for any new API
  • One of the Top Coder’s in Canada for PHP Programming

Programming Perfection Gained over the years

Best Programming Skills deployed for Web Work

Server Master

Servers are the powerhouse of the web, but the power may be lost or not fully utilized due to lack of knowledge or will. Over the years, I have optimized servers to allow handling 3-4x more traffic, all this without even touching the code. When it comes to quality coding, limits are endless.

Optimized Coding

With a programming experience of more than two decades, I know how quality coding skills from a programmer can greatly help a business to reduce issue and speed up website. A big idea needs to be converted into an art work that only a top coding expert can handle.

SEOed Coding

With marketing and search engine optimization being recognized as integral parts of a digital success, I have upgraded my skills to match the required and used them to deploy web properties that have turned into success for both Canadian and international businesses.

Search Engine Optimization in Toronto by Jatin Saini

A Canadian Programmer with a difference

Throughout my career, working as a freelancer, working with companies as contractor, as well as being permanently employed on payroll, I have learned one thing: To be successful, a business needs instant support and timely resolutions of any web development issues as well as a helping hand that can look into improving their existing website and works towards their business interests. Initial development itself can be time consuming that may make company to skip the quality scope of the code being developed and rush into functionality, but with time, this poorly written is required to be re-done. Also, finding top programmers with best of the best industry experience is tough but possible and you as a company need to be focused on quality vs quantity.

There were websites that went down every now and then, or loaded extremely slow under heavy load and most of the companies always ended up in upgrading their server to a better one. By working as a programmer in Canada, I have helped many clients to debug and fix programming codes and logic’s that were coded as disasters and did not allow normal online business operations. Using my experience, I have always been able to help such client to reduce their server load by 10x-100x which involved optimizing servers, improving security, adding content caching techniques, software upgrade, debugging extreme cpu/memory usage by scripts / programs, optimizing SQL queries to reduce load and more. The list is endless but there are the major ones that have always helped and are the ones that are skipped by regular programmers with either skillset issue or due to rush work delivery.

Server Technical Expertise

Finding and hiring the best programmer with server expertise can help you in long run, not only your business deserves a quality hand at work but its essential for a business success. Not only you website will run faster, Google also loves fast loading websites and positions them better in Search Engine rankings.

If you are looking for a programmer / web developer located in Canada, reach me by using the Contact Info.