• PHP 4 & 5 / MySQL Developer
  • Over 7 years developing for the Internet
  • LAMP background focused on: PHP and MySQL
  • Knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Strong Problem Solving & Code Testing Skills
  • Strong backend developer with wide skill set
  • Worked on API’s (Google, Facebook etc)
  • Worked on many Open Source CMS systems

I define myself as a “Creative Web Developer“, a person with ideas, a brain that outputs 10’s of solution for one single problem without even being asked for. I work towards Building unique solutions and powerful result oriented coding methodologies.

@ Expertise

PHP – MySQL – WordPress – Drupal – Joomla – API’s – Linux Administration – cPanel – Server & Website Optimization – SEO – Photoshop – illustrator – Dreamweaver

Frontend Designing

Designing Creative layouts using Photoshop & Dreamweaver and creating HTML coding that is semantically correct, knowledge of many graphics software packages. As a Toronto based Template Designer, my work involves analyzing and creating a unique online experience for businesses of GTA and make them stand out among the crowd.

Backend Programming

Highly reliable coder and PHP programmer in Toronto with huge knowledge developing dynamic sites from scratch or using Content Management Systems like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress. Having years of experience in web programming languages, building high traffic and content rich mobile friendly pages is a process that I love working on anytime.

SEO & Optimization

Knowledge of optimizing large database for speed and performance. Build custom Linux servers utilizing feature rich Apache & speedy Nginx, Search Engine Optimization for Toronto based companies and writing SEO friendly unique content for the user while following best industry practices. Combination of Design & Code to output SEO rich content.

About the Best Programmer in Toronto

With the advancement in technologies around us, we spend our maximum day time staying connected to the world, whether its about being online to blog or being always connected to a cellular network with an always on data. We have apps that keep up updated with news and weather, we have social networking apps to broadcast our thoughts and what not, but we all forget that there are numerous designers and coders working to enhance this experience. Meet Jatin – a senior php programmer, one of those developers in the wild west who has been constantly working from years to make the web, a better place to live. With the dream of being known widely as the best PHP developer in GTA, Ontario, Using my programming skills, I have build web properties that are highly unique and futuristic. To know more about me, Visit the about me section.