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WP attracts a major market share due to its easy deployment by developers and end user friendly – admin panel design. I have been developing internet for a while and a major chunk of my portfolio empowers wordpress based projects, from a simple as a five page web to more complex solutions for businesses like real estate pulling data from Toronto Real Estate Board servers and automated generation of images using GD image library for being auto-posted to social networks. In recent years, my solutions involved creation of customized themes for wordpress from scratch, creating and modifying plugins, modification of the CMS at core level and enabling high end security for websites built, protecting them from attacks by combining various technologies on hardware and software side.

It’s not just about uploading theme or activating plugins, it is about how best we use them.

This powerful CMS can be used to create any niche of website whether it being commercial business website or an individuals portfolio webpage. While working on the development of custom plugins, I have came across many complex problems and created solutions that can be easily implemented. Even for the end-user, wordpress proves to be an easy one to learn as compared to other existing alternatives and needs minimal development skills to manage. If you do an analysis of how deeply, any developer in Toronto is utilizing the power of WP, you will find that very few actually use this software at its full extent. Even when a developer activates an SEO plugin, they miss the point that it is work half done and a lot of manual work is required for each and every page of website to make an actual impact. Also, a senior theme designer needs to know how he/she can integrate the theme with other components in an efficient way thus helping in Search Engine Optimization right from the beginning.