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Many new businesses fail to realize that they have very limited cash resources to advertise their newly launched business and waste those resources on using conventional sources of advertising and marketing that either fails due to stiff competition or lack of guidance from an expert, but even if those old advertising methods work, their outcome is limited and short lived. I can openly say that a business that invests in an online advertising never fails and the results are long lasting. But how to find a Reliable Web and SEO Company in Toronto that can get the work done just right. Just getting an online presence is not enough, many do the same and then criticize the world wide web for not yielding results, but the reality is, getting a website for a business is just a 1% progress and the rest 99% is never looked at. Most important task for a company is to find a SEO Company that they can trust and get started with.

To my friends reading my webpage right now, I am not in a process to get your precious time wasted. I will share my experience for some of the SEO projects I was part of. While working as a PHP Programmer in Toronto, one of the projects was building a reliable website for an accounting business, built a five page website with custom website design (no ready to go templates), unique content, search engine friendly url’s, optimized images, fast loading website with page load time under 300 milliseconds, perfect layout for content to HTML ratios and hundred of small little improvements to make sure that the website is both search engines and user friendly. Being unique at every aspect (designing, coding, content), the website was on first page of search results. Long story short, the business was very happy for getting work done through a SEO expert in Toronto. A few months later, the very same business called up and complained about being seen nowhere in search results. Shocked!!! After a little inspection by one of our Search Engine Specialist in Toronto, it came out that as the business had the control panel to manage the website and they added few new pages using content that was copied from other websites. Not only did the search engine penalize the new web pages, but whole website faced decreased reliability by Google. It took few months after removing the problematic pages and adding more content to get back to top ranks again.

Now you might be thinking why I shared in such a detail, if you read it properly, what I want to explain is that Search Engines do greatly rely on your website content to rank you accordingly and as I previously said, new businesses only do 1% towards their online presence as they lack originality. It looks like getting a website up and working is a big thing, no, its not, but getting a website developed perfectly with original content is definitely a big thing. For this, one needs to find a highly reliable SEO firm to handle the task. I also work as WordPress Developer and know that even this CMS does not do any magic by itself and manual work is required to make it rank good. While living in Toronto, I have seen that most of the working people have a side business as well, not just to add an income, but the cost of living in a city like Toronto is skyrocketing and people tend to be interested in linking themselves to multiple sources of income. That make GTA a highly competitive market and a only an expert can break the barrier towards successful online marketing.

Some of the Toronto projects i have worked on, an off page SEO such as link building was never performed and the top rankings were achieved. It does not take a rocket science to understand how to attract audience for your business using the web.

Do question yourself of how reliable your web presence is and are you being able to unleash the full potential of Search Engines to drive traffic to your business. Is your web developer also a reliable search engine expert or did you invest some time into searching whether your website has a custom written content.